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Stan is an entrepreneur, author, life coach, and vlogger. He was born in the former Soviet Union, and due to political oppression toward Christians, he and his family came to the USA as refugees to start a new life. After becoming fully rooted and grounded in the free nation of America, Stan began to pursue his discovery of his God-given purpose and identity. And with a deeper hunger for more of God, has challenged him to reach out to the younger generation, by becoming their spiritual guide and a role model. For more than ten years, as a youth pastor, Stan has mentored and discipled high school and college students. His passion for the younger generation (ages fifteen to thirty) has set him on a path to raise and disciple a generation who will discover their God-given identity and purpose and who will bring kingdom influence into every sphere of our society. Stan and his wife Lyuda and their three children live in the Greater Atlanta, Georgia.

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My passion, purpose and calling is to...

  • To equip the body of Christ with Kingdom tools!

  • To disciple, to coach and to mentor every believer in accordance to their purpose and calling!

  • To challenge and to guide every individual into discovering their God-given IDENTITY!

  • To stir up your inner gift and potential, so you can utilize them within your local church!

  • To raise the next generation of Godly leaders that will influence the nations!

  • To raise up spiritual fathers & mothers who will become mentors and role models to the younger generation! 

  • And to become fully functional and influential in the Marketplace arena; in the Government arena; in the Academia arena; in the Arts & Entertainment arena; in the Media arena; and in the Business & Entrepreneurial arena!

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