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free e-book download with email submission

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I'm excited to offer a FREE eBook as a promotion today about a "relevant" topic as is relates to the younger generation and what purpose parents, pastors, church leaders and adults have in discipling, coaching and mentoring them!


Having served as youth pastor for more than 10 years has given me the privilege and opportunity to immerse into the culture of the younger generation and  to discover their pain & passion; their calling & potential; and their purpose & identity!


With this free offer I would in return ask you for 3 things:


1. Please read the content with an open heart and mind, since the book is meant to be a helping tool and not a magic wand.

2. Share this free link with another parent, pastor, church leader or anyone who interacts in any way with the younger generation.

3. Please provide your honest feedback and REVIEW on Amazon, so I and others can heart your thoughts and insight.



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