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The bs perspective show

christian viewer discretion is advised!

Come along for a breath taking roller coaster ride, as I will dive into some of the most relevant, sensitive, controversial, politically incorrect topics & issues, which relate to the body of Christ and most of all, which are currently effecting the Next Generation of Christians!

Warning! You will laugh, cry, be encouraged, be challenged and even be heavily offended, but don't turn that dial and stick around, as we cover and uncover some of the most needed subject matters that must be addressed.


Our children; our youth; and the next generation are desperately in a need for genuine Godly role models and for spiritual fathers & mothers who will take on this challenging task, by discipling, coaching and mentoring them in the areas of their calling, purpose, identity, mission assignment and the will of God for their life!

***Stay Tuned As The Episodes Are Currently Being Recorded***

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